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24th meeting/4th Virtual Meeting

Support Group Meeting #24 was held on August 25, 2020, at 6:30 P.M. It was our fourth VIRTUAL Zoom meeting and we were very happy to have Theresa Johnson, Co-Founder of Stomagienics and her husband, Bruce Johnson, introduce us to an exciting new device called “StomaGenie”.

The StomaGenie is a disposable, bio-degradable cartridge lined with a super absorbent material that covers an exposed stoma. Its function is to capture and contain uncontrolled output during a pouch change, which makes this procedure much easier and more manageable. The StomaGenie can be used on all types of ostomies. Bruce presented the power point and then Theresa gave a demonstration of exactly how this remarkable device works and answered a few questions.

She also showed us another product that they have developed called “Secure Press”, which is used to press the barrier to the skin in between the flange and the stoma.

If you have any questions about these products after watching the Stomagienics presentation, you can reach Theresa at (844) 696-7866 or or visit their website at

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We were so pleased to be able to introduce this remarkable new product to you tonight.

Please join us on September 22nd for our next Virtual Zoom meeting.