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10th Support Group Meeting

Support Group Meeting #10 was held on March 26, 2019, at 630PM at the University of Miami Hospital U-Health Tower, room 2026, the Board of Directors' meeting room.

Again, we had a very large turnout and everyone enjoyed the delicious refreshments provided by Hollister, Inc.

The speaker from Hollister, John Chickey, handed out a questionnaire and then showed a short video, which he has graciously given to us for our website. When the video was over, he displayed and discussed some of his products and passed them around. All of the ostomates present were able to go home with several samples of their choice from the products he provided for his presentation.

We thank John and Hollister for their generosity of refreshments and wonderful samples and for a very interesting and informative presentation.

We urge all ostomy patients to look at the Hollister video below.

Our next support group meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd at the UM U-Health Tower, room 2026 at 630PM, where the speaker will be Jessica Moya, M.S., RN/LDN. Please join us for her presentation of “Hydration for Ostomates”.