The OCA® Program

Week 1 Orientation Meeting
  • Introduction/Overview Course.
  • Review Position Statement for Role & Scope of Practice for Ostomy Care Associate (OCA).
  • Review Sample Position Description for a nurse completing the OCA Program.
Week 2

Module 1:
Anatomy & Physiology of GI Tract.

Module 2: Colostomy:
Colostomy: Indications, Surgical Construction, and Management.

Module 3:
Ileostomy, Jejunostomy: Indications Surgical Construction, and Management.

Week 3

Module 4:
Anatomy & Physiology of GU System: Implications for Ostomy Care.

Module 5:
Incontinent Urinary Diversions: Indications, Surgical Construction and Management.

Module 6:
Pouching Systems.

Week 4

Module 7:
General Considerations in Ostomy Patient Care and Education.

Module 8: Rehabilitation:
Rehabilitation: Living Well with an Ostomy.

Week 5

Midway Conference Call.

Conference call scheduled with the participants to assess their progress through then lessons and answer questions/clarify areas of confusion.

Week 6

Module 9:
Peristomal Complications.

Module 10: Rehabilitation:
Stomal Complications.

Week 7

Module 11:
Continent Diversions: Abdominal and Pelvic Reservoirs.

Module 12:
Fistula Management: Nursing Challenges.

Week 8

Module 13:
Percutaneous Tube Management.

Week 9

Exam Preparation.

Posttest Practice Questions/Practice Clinical Case Scenarios.

Review videos/procedures for course competencies.

Week 10

Student Self Study/Review/Prep for Exam.

Week 11

On-site clinical skills competency training and testing (exact date within this week to be determined).

Demonstration/return demonstration of course competencies.

Clinical Skills Competency Tests.

Week 12

Online Final Exam.

Written online exam - 40 multiple choice questions.

Online course evaluation and certificate of completion.

Requirements for Successful Completion of the Course

To receive the certificate of completion and 27.0 contact hours, participants must complete the entire online activity, receive a passing score of 70% or above, satisfactorily demonstrate required clinical skills competency, and complete a course evaluation form.