Join Our Virtual Support Group Meetings

Due to the present Covid-19 situation we cannot hold our regularly scheduled in-person Support Group meetings. We will now hold virtual meetings via the Zoom app.

Here is how it works:

You can join with the electronic device of your choice - - a computer, a tablet or your cell phone.

The directions to connect are on the meeting announcement and at the bottom of this message. Simply click on either computer or phone connection.

If you use a cell phone you will have audio only, no video. You can listen and ask questions but you will not see the speaker or other participants or any graphics that may accompany the speaker’s presentation. No one will be able to see you; only a black square with your phone identification will be visible.

If you use a computer or tablet, you have a choice of showing yourself via the video, or muting the video. If video is muted, then only a blank square will show with your name (or whatever identification you setup on your device). You will be able to see the video of all participants (except those who opt out of videos) and they will see you (unless you opt out of video).

To prepare in advance you can install the free ZOOM app on your electronic device. About 5 minutes before the meeting is set to begin, you may join the meeting following the instructions on the flyer or ZOOM app. You will be asked to input the ID Number and Password, so please have the flyer in front of you or have these two numbers written down.

This is the new normal going forward. We look forward to seeing you online at our first virtual meeting on May 19th. It should be informative - - and fun!