Help Line

For Patients, Caregivers & Medical Professionals:

OSTOMY HELP LINE 305-952-0951

The MIAMI OSTOMY AFTERCARE PROGRAM HELP LINE was established in October, 2017. It is available for patients, their caregivers, family members who are trying to assist the patient with self-care, and medical professionals. It is answered by Mary Lou Boyer, BS Ed, RN, ET, WOC Nurse Specialist, a very caring, retired ostomy nurse with over 30 years of experience.

She has answered questions, talked patients through self-care such as applying a pouch, assisted family members in helping the patient change bandages, apply adhesives and pouches, guided visiting home nurses in measuring stomas and correctly applying difficult prosthetics, among many other things. 

The HELP LINE is just one of the ways that we at MOAP try to assist ostomy patients. Our nonprofit organization tries to offer as much help and guidance as we can from as many experts in the field as possible so that, after life-changing ostomy surgery, patients can live a normal healthy and happy life.

If you have questions or concerns, we hope that you will navigate our website and find the multitude of useful information that we have provided. We are continuing to update and improve our website as soon as new information becomes available.

In our AFTERCARE section there are videos from ostomates describing some of the situations they have encountered that might be helpful to you. You probably will be able to relate to them and be interested in seeing how they handled their particular problems. Just click on LIVING WITH OSTOMY VIDEOS and then move down to select the video you wish to watch.

Also, in the AFTERCARE section, there is valuable information written by our HELP LINE nurse, Mary Lou Boyer and Wendy Lueder, from the Broward Ostomy Association. You can click on any of the sections to be able to take advantage of their knowledge. We feel that it is always beneficial to share information and ideas and to show how others have dealt with the same problems that you may be having.

We have a whole section on nutrition written by Mary Lou Boyer. We are sure that you will find this very informative and useful. Just click on RESOURCES and then click on NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES